"Container Service LTD" since 2009, in partnership with the elevator complex "Protos", provides the following services:
  • Full range of elevator services(auto, railway reception, storage, finalization and shipping)
  • Organization of fumigation of cargoes
  • Making full set of export certificates
Characteristics of elevator complex "Protos" Odessa region, Ovidiopol
  • Volume of simultaneous storage - 12 000 MT
  • Vehicle weights 60 tons, 30 tons
  • Trip gears: 2 pcs. - 25 tons, 2 pcs. - 10 tons
  • Fixed recirculation system for the fumigation of cargo
  • Certified Laboratory of the Swiss company "Perten"
  • Stuffing joints for loading all types of containers with high precision dosing

      Due to advantageous location of the company (about 500 m from the station Akkarzha, Odessa railway, 18 km from Ilychevsk and 25 km from Odessa Sea Port), we offer our customers competitive rates, which make the prices of Ukrainian producers competitive in world markets.

     Also we are ready to provide you with complex service for the forwarding of grains including delivery of empty containers for stuffing by the railway and by truck to the indicated elevator in Ukraine, with further shipment in any point of the world.

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