We offer the possibility to transport liquid cargoes in specially designed sea-containers with flexitanks.

Flexitank - it is special equipment for transportation of liquid non-hazardous cargoes. Standard Flexitank consists of polyethylene film relevant regulations of FDA, if required with a barrier film EVOH, PA or aluminium. Flexitanks, that we provide, are approved according to European Regulation 1935/2004. Flexitanks are equipped with everything that is necessary for filling and emptying. In accordance with the needs of the customer, individual tanks with capacity from 10 000 to 28 000 liters are made. The volume is dependent on the density of the liquid which is transported. Net weight must not exceed 25 tons.
Advantages of using flexitanks:

• Always new and clean containers • No costs for cleaning • Savings on the delivery of liquid cargoes about 40% • Reducing the cost for packing • Reducing transportation costs • Increasing the volume of product, that is transported, due to a small mass of flexitanks • Quick and easy installation, loading and unloading • Easy to recycle • Products are tested and certified.

The list of products transported

Food products:

• Animal and seed oils • Food coloring • Fruit juices • Glucose • Syrup • Sauces • Sorbitol • Sugar syrup • Water • Wine • other liquid food products

Chemical substances:

Detergents • Fats • Industrial oils • Inks, paints • Chemical fertilizers • Water-soluble paints • Transformer oil • Latex • Glycerol, glycol • Lignosulfonate • Polyethylene glycol • Rape oil • Plasticizers (limited) • Pharmaceutical Ingredients • other harmless chemicals

  • Preparation of containers and installation of flexitanks are performed by qualified specialists in compliance with all the necessary technological requirements.
  • Ready to dispense containers prepared for loading of liquid cargo on the sender's enterprise or to arrange transshipment on a dedicated terminal.

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